Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Great Indian Cinema Theatre Consolidation

PVR acquired Cinemax and INOX acquired Fame ... a couple of other 'larger' theatre chains like BIG Cinemas, Movie Time, Fun Cinemas are around while smaller chains like Broadway Maxus are up for grabs by the larger ones who want to grow by acquisition.  

So has the consolidation of the Indian Theatre / Cinema Hall industry begun ???

Lst one decade has witnessed a steady rise in movie ticket prices and the multiplex phenomenon further propelled the ticekt prices. The recent bid of film makers to breach into the 100-Crore club that the movie tickets of their movies are higher than other movies in the same theatre

As the industry heads towards consolidation of the larger players, the almost monopoly / duopoly situation might even push the prices further up along with the most recent 200-Crore club created for big star movies.

I am sure industry-pundits must have written off reams and reams of articles on this … dunno what they think.

In this chaos, will movie improve because of this sort of consolidation? Seems unlikely

What does seem likely is the dynamics between film-makers and theatres will change, the dependencies will change.


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