Saturday, September 21, 2013

Missing Pages

How would you feel if you found a few pages missing from the book you are reading? Feel Irritated. You might just continue reading trying to bridge the gap in the story using your own imagination.

What if the book you are reading is a collection of short stories and the missing 4 pages are actually last 2 pages of one story (climax) and the first 2 pages of another. Now 2 stories are spoiled and that might be well around 15-20% of your book.

Well, that's exactly what happened to me. I felt irritated and on a whim googled for the publisher, found an email id to write to and sent off an email relating the problem and asking for possible resolution. I did not really expect anything but had to something to let out steam !!

Wonder and surprise when I received the response within an hour. The publisher was Westland (which is a subsidiary of Trent Limited, the retail arm of the Tata group) and I had sent the email to Rajaram Rawool from Mumbai who is the Regional Manager-West. The quick one-line response surprised me.

The very next day, I got another email – this time from Jayanthi (from Chennai), simply asking for my address to send a replacement copy of the book – and that too complimentary. I replied and within 2 days, the book arrived at my residence.

Customer Service is often talked about in corporate circles but we consumers rarely to get to see it except when faced with Customer Service people directly. From problem/query to resolution in flat 3 days, in my opinion, talks highly of the customer orientation of Westland people.

I congratulate the Management of Westland for being customer oriented and also for having extremely responsive and efficient people on board !!!     

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