Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review: Band Room Bash by Candice Speare

Book: Band Room Bash

Author: Candice Speare

No. of Pages: 256

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Heartsong Presents 

I had picked up a set of 3 novels by Candice Speare 2 years ago when I visited the Floating Library / Book Store in Dubai – a book exhibition of sorts on a ship. 

I had also picked up 2 other sets of 3 novels and a couple of other books. 

I read the first novel by Candice Speare earlier this year and picking up the next one now. I am planning to read all the 9 novels in this year itself.

Coming to Band Room Bash, our lady protagonist, Trish, found a dead body in a milk-case in the super market in the first novel I read earlier this year (Murder in the Milk Case). 

This time around she (keeping up with the reputation) finds a dead body in the school's band room.

What makes the whole thing interesting is that:
1. She just can't curb her curiosity and in spite of all the people asking her to NOT  do it, she begins to note down the clues and begin's her investigation
2. She is 8 months pregnant
3. Her son is one of the 'suspects'

The novel makes for interesting reading as Trish keeps discovering clue after clue and even gets a new partner-in-crime of investigating. Someone as stubborn as herself, who wouldn't listen to the Inspector who warns them against investigating and finally resigns to their stubborn-ness.

There is a time when Trish realizes who the murderer is and at the same time endangers not only her own life but also that of her mom-in-laws youngest unborn grand-child … her own child …  who decides that his time has arrived to appear in the world – right after the murderer is caught !

It was a light read. I enjoyed it. You feel for Trish and identify with her stubbornness, carelessness, thoughts and general style of behaving. She is not a fictional character for you (like Sherlock Holmes – too good to be real). She feels very much real and neighbourly. 

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