Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ready to Eat Nostalgia

Packaged pre-cooked ready to eat food packets remind me of my first trip abroad after taking up a job after MBA. In India, the only things I could make in the kitchen were Maggie and Tea. When the prospect of going aboard for long term came up, I knew the biggest challenge I would face was Food since I had no clue about cooking.
 The contest by Indiblogger in collaboration with Kitchens of India took me on a nostalgic trip to Switzerland which was the country of my first stay abroad. The first month of survival moved from dining in restaurants in first week to food packets in subsequent weeks. I don't recollect the brands that were available in those days but I remember surviving on packaged foods.
If I had to have a packaged food themed party; I would surely invite some friends from those on-site days who all went through similar times and experiences of living on packaged food. I would plan a trek with them to a place like Matheran near Mumbai and there we would build a small fire and heat the pre-cooked food. Breads and Pav/Buns would be the accompaniments besides Theplas and Parathas.
We would spend most of the time getting nostalgic and remembering our times in Swiss city of Geneva … a list mist across Matheran and a light drizzle would only add to the fun.
Since it would be an outdoor trip and I won't be restricted to carrying only Vegetarian foods. I am a pure vegetarian but my friends aren't. Had this party been at my home, the food would have been strictly vegetarian but since it is a outdoor trek, we can have food for all. I could carry the entire range of KOI ready to eat foods along with desserts and at least 2 varieties of pickle / conserve. A visit to the KOI website at  shows that the following options are available for us to carry on the trek …
Veg Currys - Mughlai Paneer, Dal Bhukhara, Mirch ka Salan, Paneer Malai, Paneer Darbari
Non-Veg Currys - Murgh Methi, Chicken Darbari, Chicken Chettinad
Desserts – Jodhpuri Dal Halwa, Hazoori Petha Halwa, Phulka Rotis
Conserves / Chutney – Tamarind and Date Chutney, Mango Saffron Conserve
With the above selection, I am sure the 10 of us will have a ball !!!

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