Sunday, June 30, 2013

May Reading Summary

Life has been busy and once again I haven't had time at hand to write in detail about my May reading yet. So here is just an interim post to list down my May reading without any comments on individual stories/novels etc.

I will prepare the detailed posts about the stories and novels as and when I get time and post them later ...

1              Non-Fiction: Business Sutra by Devdutt Pattanaik

2              Hitchcock – Most Wanted: A Matter of Chances by Ron Butler

3              Hitchcock – Most Wanted: The Marley Case by Linda Haldeman

4              JA Shorts - Quiver Full of Arrows: The Chinese Statue by Jeffrey Archer

5              JA Shorts - Quiver Full of Arrows: The Luncheon by Jeffrey Archer

6              JA Shorts - Quiver Full of Arrows: The Coup by Jeffrey Archer

7              Novel – Death on a Deadline by Christine Lynxwiler, Jan Reynolds & Sandy Gaskin

8              Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: The Perfect Cop Story by Miel Tanburn

9              Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: The Displaced Spirit by Bryce Walton

10           Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: Twice Fifteen by Anthony Marsh

11           Hitchcock – The Shadow of Silence: Off Trail by Ray T Davis

12           Novel: Chankya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

13           Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Meeting Cathleen Casey by Barbara Callahan

14           Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: The Return of Bridget by Jack Ritchie

15           Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Trial by Fury by Caryl Brahms & Ned Sherrin 

16           Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: Theft by Hanko by Ron Butler

17           Hitchcock – Shrouds & Pockets: The Day we Killed the Madman by Edward D. Hoch

18           3I Crimebusters Novella: Funny Business by William McCay

19           PKD Shorts: Jon's World by Philip K Dick

20           PKD Shorts: Progency by Philip K Dick

21           PKD Shorts: Some Kinds of Life by Philip K Dick

22           PKD Shorts: Martians Come in Clouds by Philip K Dick

23           PKD Shorts: The Commuter by Philip K Dick

24           Novel: Shoes of the Dead by Kota Neelima

25           ACD Shorts: The Last of the Legions by Arthur Conan Doyle

26           ACD Shorts: The First Cargo by Arthur Conan Doyle

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