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March Reading – Part 4


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31. 3I Series by MZ - Novella: The Secret of the Three Impostors by Mark Zahn

The Mark Zahn series retains the 'teenage' boys and hence a sense of relief to read after reading the Crimebusters series. In this particular case, thefts are happening in Rocky Beach and the suspects are none other than the trio themselves. Someone is going great lengths at implicating the trio … to the extent that Chief Reynolds catches the members of the three investigators 'red-handed' at the burglary site with the loot in hand !!!

The real villain turns out to be someone who is back from an old case … to seek revenge. Someone who was seriously inconvenienced by the three investigators


32. O Henry Shorts: Bexar Scrip No. 2692 by O Henry

A story involving a land-shark attempting to grab a piece of land which has suddenly appreciated in value but currently occupied by an old woman and her son. He has been grabbing land but had not really resorted to wrong means of doing so. This particular instance is going to be a life changing one for him.


33. O Henry Shorts: A Lunar Episode by O Henry

A very short one about a fight, a scuffle, a physical bout between 2 guys on the lunar surface (the moon) … the fights ends on a lighter note (literally) and the final sentence of the story is a clincher.


34. O Henry Shorts: Nothing New Under the Sun by O Henry

This short is about a writer and his feelings and thoughts and experience while he is writing a new piece of work. He has written something unprecedented and is exalted by it.  He is full of joy and excitement. Unfortunately, next morning he is found dead in the very room where he wrote a masterpiece clutching a piece of newspaper in which was wrapped some food he had bought the previous night.


35. O Henry Shorts: A New Microbe by O Henry

A scientist is consumed by his work and is determined to make a discovery. He has his suspicions about the level of bacteria/microbes in the local drinking water and feels he is on the brink of discovery of a new kind of microbe. He gets some water from the kitchen while his wife and kids are away and begins his investigations. He discovers a new microbe and even decides to name it after his wife, who promptly brings him 'back to reality' by explaining the new microbe. 


36. O Henry Shorts: Jack the Giant Killer by O Henry

Story telling is an art and a considerable amount of skill goes into narrating a story to a kid … and that is something that can stump grown-ups at times. This short has 3-4 people in a news agency attempting to humor a kid by telling him the story of Jack, the giant killer. Their story telling is highly influenced by their 'work' and their language goes far over the head of the kid.


37. O Henry Shorts: Paderewski's Hair by O Henry

This is a short story about a man who brags about the events and incidents in his life to entertain people around him. This particular incident is about how a particular man got his hair … a lion's mane literally.


38. O Henry Shorts: Binkley's Practical School of Journalism by O Henry

An enterprising man hits upon a great idea of running a business where his employees actually pay him, their employer, for the employment. The business seems amazingly successful right on the first day of operation … but success can be pretty short-lived at times.


39. O Henry Shorts: The Legend of San Jacinto by O Henry

Legends are often told from one generation to another and shared with strangers over a beer or two. Legends spread like this and take a strong hold. And some legends are simply not told.


40. O Henry Shorts: In Mezzotint by O Henry

A strange love story which starts with the death of a guy. The story is about the Doctor who is treating this guy and realizes that the man died in spite of his best efforts to save his life and treating his ailments so well. He wonders about the love in the man's heart. The climax is surprising as well as shocking. 



Series Tracking as of Mar 31st 2013 (72 out of 650)


02 out of 11     3 Investigators Novella Series (Crimebusters series) & Series by Mark Zahn

02 out of 10     3 Investigators Novella and Short Stories by Mark Zahn

01 out of 12     Four Short Novel Trilogies by various Authors

00 out of 107   Munshi Premchand short stories (Premchand Shorts)

16 out of 200   O. Henry Short Stories (O Henry Shorts)

10 out of 80     World's Greatest Selected Short Stories (WGS Shorts)

10 out of 85     Philip K Dick short stories (PKD Shorts)

03 out of 40     Arthur Conan Doyle short stories (ACD Shorts)

03 out of 15     Satyajit Ray authored Professor Shonku short stories (Prof. Shonku Shorts) 

08 out of 29     Hitchcock Series – Shrouds and Pockets

10 out of 28     Hitchcock Series – Shadow of Silence

07 out of 21     Hitchcock Series – Most Wanted

00 out of 12     Hitchcock Series – Home Sweet Homicide

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