Saturday, November 10, 2012

Skyfall: Aasmaan se Gira (Khajoor Main Atka) !!

Remove the James Bond element and Skyfall is a pretty good movie. But then, I am negatively biased towards Daniel Craig as Bond and so is my review for Skyfall. I somehow never liked Daniel Craig in the James Bond character.
I have this Pierce Brosnan image of Bond – flair, womanizer, electronic gadgets, gadget loaded cars, car chases, high tech weapons and gadgetry of the villains, international espionage, global threats & conspiracies etc. Skyfall and Daniel Craig do not meet these expectations of mine and hence did not impress me.  The only car Daniel Craig manages to use is actually an old one ... not a techno wizardry of Q.
Also, the villain in Skyfall seems to be a weak character who does not really wreck havoc although he is supposed to be more capable than Bond. The climax wasn't explosive enough (although full of explosions).
The 'Q' wasn't impressive enough nor was his work. There were even things/events in the movie which seemed inconsequential, almost meaningless.
So is the movie bad? Not really.
When I remove the Bond context, this movie comes out nice (inspite of the flaws). It is indeed good with a very nice chase sequence right in the beginning.
Daniel is an intense character and suits the 'role' in the movie. The movie has decent amount of action although I would have preferred some awe-inspiring action rather than what is shown in the climax which is something I would see in a movie of the past century or even earlier one. And yes, something which struck me as odd was that the Bond looked old ... very old ... for an active double-o agent.
Time to change the Bond please !!

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