Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hatrick :(


A hatrick in cricket is a good thing. 3 wickets in a row are pretty awesome.

Whenever there is something that occurs thrice in a row … we call it a hatrick … but then … it is not always good things that happen thrice in a row.

A case in point being my being away from home on my birthday 3 times in row in 3 consecutive years.

In 2010 … I had to travel 2 hours before the stroke of midnight … I was in mid-air when ordinarily I would have been wished 'happy birthday'

In 2011 … I had travelled a few days earlier but nevertheless, on my birthday, I was not at home

In 2012 … once again fate plays the same old joke on me making me travel on the day before my birthday forcing me to be away amidst strangers on my birthday

This year, I am in Mundra (375 km away from Ahmedabad in Gujarat) on a client engagement

I have not spent a single birthday with my wife yet … so u can imagine the anger / sadness / frustration and so many other emotions that she is undergoing

Being away from home – family and wife – is in itself a great birthday spoiler and it has happened not once or twice but three times in a row.

God Knows whats in store for me next year !!

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