Thursday, October 04, 2012

Laptop Crash, Arbit troubles & Disaster Management

For practically the first time in 9 years, we had an interruption in Arbit Choudhury comic strips release. Over the past 8 years (Jan 2005 to July 2012) we have maintained a fortnightly release frequency. Yes, there have been delays; at times the comic strips got released several days after the 1st and 16th of the month but the comic strips were eventually released within the same month before the next comic strip's release date.
Two months ago, my laptop crashed and I was unable to revive it for quite some time due to several reasons; primarily because I was travelling a lot due to my new job requirements and also because a few repair guys I talked to quoted a high price which I did not want to invest on this 7 year old laptop.
But then, comic strips release was getting impacted. All the semi-prepared comic strips for this year were on that laptop and it would be too much of a rework on another laptop. Also, I did try working on another laptop but I wasn't able to for some odd reason.
So finally I have my laptop repaired and would be able to work on Arbit over the weekend. I feel bad that such a long (2 months) interruption has affected Arbit comic release and we would have to think of some better 'Disaster Recovery Plans' in place for Arbit. As a bare minimum; maybe we should have a back-up of at least 3 months worth of comic strips at any point in time to handle such crisis. 
It has been a particularly fateful year for Arbit since earlier in this year, the Arbit website was attacked and brought down by vicious hackers TWICE.

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