Friday, October 26, 2012

Eega = Makkhi = Fantastic !!

It was around 6-7 months ago that I saw the 'Eega' trailer and I knew I was going to see this movie … even if released in a language I did not understand. Come October and Eega arrived in Mumbai theatres in HINDI; the movie now called 'Makkhi'. I told many (before as well as after the movie) about the movie and most of them ignored it. A movie based on re-birth and that too as a housefly and then seeking revenge was too far-fetched for them to digest.
The movie is a masterpiece !!!
Excellent graphics, interesting sequence of events, attention to detail, logical events and situations, amazing acting by the 'villain' and absolutely expressive animated 'makkhi' – all this and a few more things make this movie a must see for all. The movie does not slow down at any point, you can't even take a loo break except for the first hour when the 'humans' are in the play. Once the Makkhi arrives on the scene, it is a continuous roller coaster ride.
The attention to detail in the computer graphics is pretty amazing for an Indian movie. The animation does not go overboard; it is pretty believable. The sequence of the accident of the villain is pretty awesome and reminds simultaneously of 2-3 Hollywood movies including Matrix. The animation had made the housefly come alive with human expressions (not facial, its body language).
As for performances; Sudeep is superb playing the housefly-tortured helpless man !! The rest is satisfactory !  
This movie is a "Must See, Mast See" and anyone reading this post should not miss it. In fact, go ahead and recommend it to others too. Personally, this is much better than any Chopra or Johar movie releasing around this time of the year.
Other movies that I recently saw and liked were Barfi and English Vinglish - Nothing extraordinary about these movies. Both movies were simple and beautiful. Something I could recommend to my parents (there are hardly I can recommend to them otherwise). Both had a simplicity which touched the heart. Makkhi does not really touch the heart; it excites; and it has been quite some time since I saw an Indian movie that excites.

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