Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Reviews Galore


It's been some time since I received a book from BlogAdda for review (the last one was Clockwork Man in June). I had been selective in opting for books to review on BlogAdda and of course there are tons of bloggers who are glued into Blog Adda's book review program so I guess it took more than 2 months for my name to crop up again.
And not only did it come up once but twice. I have received one novel and the other is on the way.

Besides that, an author, Smita Shetty, has approached me directly to review her debut chic-lit / novel ... so that makes it 3 books to review this month … as of now, assuming more dont come my way :)

The storm after the lull ….  

So expect a couple of Book Review posts in coming week …

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