Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Meeting in the Air

I had my first serious meeting (as in office meeting) in the air recently.

I was seated in the front row of a small plane (a 2X2 ATR … a bit larger than a BUS from the inside) flying from Mumbai to Udaipur last month. And I had company of 2 senior members of the team to which I belong. We had some discussions about the forthcoming 2 days and what we would be doing and our action plan and strategy.

The air hostess who was giving the safety instructions was the only disturbance to our meeting (or should I say WE were a disturbance to her). Our meeting started at ground level and continued through the ascent. The meeting was over in some time, but not before we had reached the maximum height and the plane was flying level.

So, not just a meeting in air … but it was a gradually rising meeting.

Reminded me of Dining in the air - the concept where they hook up a dining table to a crane which then lifts the table 100's of feet into the air and then dinner is served.

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