Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Series Reading Score … Revision

This is what my series completion score looked like after my marathon reading last month.

Series Completion Score: (as of 30th Apr 2012)
Three Investigators      33 out of 63
Sherlock Holmes          60 out of 60
Famous Five                 05 out of 21
Best of Satyajit Ray     10 out of 21
Total                           108 out of 165

With the completion of Sherlock Holmes, I will remove it from monthly count and replace it with another set of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Non-Conan) – 'Exploits of Sherlock Holmes' containing 12 and '' containing 33 short stories – 45 stories in total. Both these sets are diverse in their styles, the 'Exploits', co-authored by Conan's youngest son, attempts to preserve the essence of the original Conan while the 'Misadventures' are a hilarious take on Sherlock'ian adventures.

I also realized that I had clubbed the original Three Investigators series along with the Crime Busters series (extended 3I) and Fan Fiction 3I series. So I am separating the two and retaining the count on only the Original 3I series of 43 titles while the other part consisting of the extended series and fan creations are being excluded for now; to be picked up next year.  

Last month I also realized that my motivation to continue with the Famous Five series was a bit low. Although I have indeed enjoyed reading the stories; it is still a bit childish. So I am not sure if I will survive the series. I might read a few more but I don’t think I would be reading it regularly. So I am dropping it from the series count. 

The exclusion is also because I expect my reading material to have some new 'academic' kind of additions. Besides my regular reading of fiction, I would also be reading academic non-fiction stuff in the second half of the year.

So with the exclusions and inclusions, the new series count looks like this ...

Series Completion Score: (as of 1st May 2012)
The Three Investigators         33 out of 43
Best of Satyajit Ray                10 out of 21
Sherlock: Exploits                   00 out of 12
Sherlock: Misadventures        00 out of 33
Total                                       43 out of 109

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