Monday, May 28, 2012

Movie Surprise

Last month, I travelled to Dubai via Air India. My expectations were not much from AI as far in-flight entertainment was concerned so I was carrying a book (as usual) to read during the 3 hour flight. A random check of the entertainment system made me realize that there I had an extremely limited choice with fixed movies running on fixed schedule.

During my flight to Dubai, I came across a Hindi Movie with some not-very-well-known faces. For want of a better choice, I kept it on while continuing to read. After a few minutes, with some interesting events happening on screen; I had to close the book and for the rest of the journey, I actually saw the movie. I liked the movie which was about a simple guy who comes to the city, a guy who would go out of his way and help others selflessly, often getting into trouble. The movie spans a single night of his adventures where he gets into trouble, becomes friendly with a roadside punter and becomes a friend to an underworld Don; all this while his friend (whom he was visiting) is out to the new year party leaving him alone at home. The movie's name (which I had to google after reaching my hotel in Dubai) … My Friend Pinto

It was a funny movie with even a reference to the old Bollywood classic 'Albert Pinto ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hain' J

During my return trip to India; the same options were available so I ended up keeping the channel on the old hindi black and white Raj Kapoor starrer Anadi …

Sab kuch seekha humne, na seekhi hoshiyaari,
Sach hain duniya walo, ki hum hain anadi !!

Something in the movie (its simplicity) got me interested and I closed my book after about 15 minutes of parallel reading.

So just like Kingfisher, although the choice of movies/entertainment wasn't there … I still managed to entertain myself.

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