Sunday, April 03, 2011

Is it just me or was it really the case?

I somehow feel that this Cricket World Cup did not really have the kind of explosive innings people look forward to. I expected a higher number of sixes and fours, team scores of 350+, more centuries and half centuries, plenty of great 'difficult' catches and a lot more explosive batting!!
I have a feeling that this world cup did not really deliver to those high levels … but then … I speak from perception and not from facts. I did not really find a good source of proper consolidated facts … of different world cups to compare.
But then … I am not really a Cricket Buff and I might not even be looking at the right places. Can someone point me to the comparison pages / links / statistics on the net !!!

And yes … Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Team for bringing home the cup. Kapil Dev would be a satisfied man today … and so would Dhoni. Sachin would feel relieved at holding the World Cup while he is still playing first class cricket.


I got a reply. From the most expected source !! My dear friend and Cricket Buff .. Shubham Choudhury !!
The reason for the WC not having a deluge of 6s and 350+ scores was the pitches. The pitches across all 3 countries were not very flat, but slow and low. The pitches in Bangladesh and Srilanka are always like that, but the pitches in India were slow due to the time of the year. Due to the heat, the pitches become dry and start to develop cracks in India, and become low and slow instead of being flat. Even the usually flat pitches in Ahmedabad and Mohali did not produce a lot of runs. This is the same reason why the IPL does not have huge scores either, as it is played in summer every year when pitches are very dry. The only pitch that produced multiple 300+ scores was Bangalore, which has the most mild weather of all indian venues.
I personally do not like matches with 350+ scores. Such games destroy the utility of bowlers. Cricket should be a contest between bat and ball. Both should get equal weightage. Bowlers should not be reduced to bowling machine status. I prefer a match where both teams score about 250, someone makes a 100 and someone takes 5 wickets too.
You can find all the stats he wants using the Stats Guru tool on Cricinfo. It is one of the best statistical query mechanisms I have seen.20:10

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