Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breaking the (movies) spell ...

Breaking the long spell of not watching any movie in the theatres was a week where I saw not one but 2 movies … one in Sharjah and another one in Dubai !

The first one was Dum Maro Dum … saw it in Mega Mall in Sharjah. It was a weekend and we decided to catch a movie. Went to the Mega Mall and found DMD as the only hindi option. Saw it.

The second one was Scream 4 at The Dubai Mall. This one was unplanned, unexpected. Won the tickets to the premiere show through facebook  The movie is being released here in Dubai on 5th May and Reel Cinemas were having a special premiere screening of the movie for a select audience on 25th April (almost 10 days in advance) …

So now that the spell is broken and I have seen the first 2 movies in this year (in theatres, that is) … lets see when do the next ones come up  Hopefully immediately in May !

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