Sunday, February 20, 2011

Logos Hope and more Book Shopping

This is not just a cruise liner … This is Logos Hope !!

Logos Hope is a floating library that is more than just the sum of the millions of books that it has sold or the cultural exchanges it fosters during its global voyage. Built in 1973, Logos Hope offers a stock of half-a-million books to choose from for all age groups, spread over an area 610 square meters. The ship Logos Hope is all set to open to the public the world's largest floating book fair. With more than 7,000 titles on display, the fair is a one-of-a-kind event and a must-visit for literary enthusiasts. It has a crew of around 400 volunteers (no salary) from more than 45 countries.
It came to Dubai lat month and docked at Port Rashid. I made sure to visit it which also meant that I bought 6 more books taking my DSF book shopping tally to a full dozen :)
There was an extremely long truly serpentine queue of visitors for Logos Hope. It was an interesting experience in itself.


  1. Logos Hope! Very interesting concept of floating library! But can you elaborate more on why its called - Logos Hope....just got curious abt it!

    And btw I like the white ShoOOonya page!

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