Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GM Diet once again …

I tried the GM diet about 2 years ago with very good results and have thought of reopeating it again but then it never happened.
Finally … I am on GM Diet again ...
My wife's travel to India has helped in a way since I was too lazy to cook. I was living on wholesome vegetable enhanced Maggi and nice filling Falafels for a few days before it hit me over the weekend that it was a perfect opportunity to go on GM Diet
There isn't much cooking involved except for the GM Wonder Soup which is just about chopping veggies and boiling them together.
So here I am… on GM Diet.
Hoping to make a significant difference to my weight in the coming few days.
Deviation: I am making some deviation from the diet though. I have some sweet that has arrived from India and will be spoilt if kept for many days. I can't let that happen. So every day, I am consuming a little bit of that sweet. Also, a colleague returned from India and he brought sweets for all the team members. You know … it will not be nice to say no to such a sweet gesture. So I helped myself to a piece here too :)
Also, I am constantly battling the temptation to have ice cream. We have an ice cream machine at office from which we can help ourselves with an ice cream anytime we want. Have resisted them for first 3 days … hope I can continue right up to day without an ice cream deviation

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