Saturday, November 06, 2010

Movies I saw in August ...

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai


A decent movie. Not really an entertainer but a well made movie. Ajay is time and again proving his mettle in both serious as well as comic roles (Golmaal, All the Best etc) … Serial Kisser also came as a surprise. He has his fate written in some golden hour. He manages to get the most romantic of all songs choreographed on himself. Another interesting thing was that I saw this movie with my wife on Friendship Day. I know, I know, that is a really weird combination. The Movie, the Day and the Company J




A pretty complicated plot which can simply be stated in one line but needs quite an effort to understand. Not really too high on special effects as I had expected but a nice movie nevertheless. A complex concept to grasp which further gets complicated while you watch the movie and the turn of events leaves you confused. I wont say I have understood the movie. I might as well read up a bit about the movie and watch it again sometime in future to fully understand what 'eggzactly' happened.


This reminded me of movies like Memento and Butterfly Effect … I had to see those movie twice to understand what happened. On the contrary, I had surprised myself by understanding the Matrix pretty well in one single viewing, although the subsequent episodes (part 2 & 3) were a bit of a bouncer during the first time viewing.

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  1. Reading about the movies you watched in august in the month of November reminded me of the endless movies I watched that month: INCEPTION was definitely one movie I completely loved :) I think it was really wonderful despite the complicated plot - something along the lines of 'Memento' :D :D I got mixed reactions for 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai' so never really watched it. Instead, I saw 'Udaan' which I think was a good movie and 'Tere Bin Laden' which was also alright....