Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keyboard Trouble - Double Trouble

"Dop yopui iunderstand what thius liune ius saying top yopui?"

Confused about what language this is?

Well … this is English … but with a slight technological twist. My office laptop keyboard has developed a technical snag/glitch and a couple of its keys. They produce 2 characters instead of 1.  

When I press 'I' key, I get 'iu'

When I press 'u' key, I get 'iu'

When I press 'o' key, I get 'op'

When I press 'p' key, I get 'op'

When I press '-' key, I get ';-'

When I press ';' key, I get ';-'
and a few more cases like this ...
Typing has become a nightmare ever since this problem cropped up. I spend more time correcting the double-trouble than i spend in typing them in the first place. This is much worse than the simple 'y' and 'z' key interchange I had in Switzerland office PC keyboard.
Since the troubled keys have 3 vowels in there, the problem is much worse since they (vowels) are everywhere and only a few words in every sentence are without them. I am practically editing 80% of the words I am typing.

So … now that you know the 'code'; try to figure out what I wrote up there in my cryptic keyboard style. And the this one too ...

Thius ius a operfectly well iuntentiuopned sentence biut my laoptopop keybopad whiuch ius actiung fiunny has deciuded top mess iut iuop copmopletely beyond recopgniutiuopn. Thius ius technoplopgiucawlly iundiuced mental harassment.

-->  I just realized that since it is internally hitting I & U together, every time I try to italicize a sentence by hitting CTRL+I;- it takes it as CTRL+IU, it underlines it automatically. What fun.

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  1. I dropped some water on my laptop and encountered similar behaviour.

    You will need to open the pane and dry them out. A specialist can help.

    Else, you may have to change the keyboard.