Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking Back at 2009 …

Well … this post is about looking back at the past year

I spent the year 2009 oscillating between Dubai and Mumbai … Travelled to-n-fro in March, June, September, November and finally came back to base (to Mumbai) in December. Writing this, I just realized that in 2009; I had a total of 9 international flights and 1 domestic one (considering my Dec flight was a Dubai-Delhi-Mumbai route)

The year 2009 had begun with dismal market conditions, global economic recession and all the sad notes … and then we were hit by an entirely unexpected crisis of our own. When I say we here, it refers to We the employees of Satyam … Raju's resignation accompanied with revelations of financial fraud pushed Satyamites into their very own personal recession.

Complete Crisis Situation ... with Media completely writing off the company and predicting sure shot doom for its 50,000 employees. Market ups and downs along with uncertainty within the company with no one sure of anything … life was tough ... But somewhere i had faith .. i had this strong conviction that a strong company like Satyam does not vanish into thin air or crumble because of wrong-doings of a single person or a group. With that faith .. i stuck to Satyam ... rejecting offers from other companies like IBM etc .. I saw Satyam transform into Mahindra Satyam ... My performance was rewarded with a Promotion but with zero salary hike, even the promotion seems pretty much pointless. I now wait for some sort of Salary Correction announcemnt to my stagnating salary :P

Even life on the Personal front was going through a crisis ... loneliness struck hard on me ...
I lost a best friend and another good friend ... in pretty painful manner they decided to break ties. And then after the first quarter, another best friend decided to go into silence mode. Communication broke down and I got pushed further into the loneliness. All this while, I was struggling with yet another personal life crisis and the worst was being alone with no one to talk to, share with or get support from.

Friends are everything for me and their absence makes a huge difference to me. I was lucky enough to regain one of my best friend's back before the end of the year. I have always believed (and unfortunately experienced it too) that friendship goes thro' its highs and lows ... emerging stronger after every crisis ... the bonds made stronger with more understanding of each other and self ... maturity u might call it !!

The other good friend who had fallen out of communication also returned but things were never the same again. A lot had changed although I never understood what and why ... my friend refused to talk about it and tell me.

As I come to a close of my memoirs of 2009; I should write about the last day of 2009. I had a wonderful time on the last day of the year ... day began which began with watching AVATAR in 3D and then spending the afternoon with my best friend working on her dream J and then spending the evening and late night with cousins having dinner at a restaurant and spending the new year moment with Sizzler ice-creams / brownie and Milk Shakes and Cakes at a CCD ... Going back to cousins place and spending some good time with them before coming back home at 3 AM in the fresh new year.

 The year 2009 came to an end on a positive note ... with things looking up !! 2009 saw the rise from the trenches and brathing in the hopeful, happy fresh air ... Hope 2010 turns out to be a happy, positive, fun-filled year ...


BTW ...  The year 2009 was also a year of Movies in Theatres for me  but that deserves an entirely independent blog post 


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