Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Dozen Plus Movies

The Year 2009 was a year of movies for me … I mean a year of watching movies in theatre. In the past several years, I haven't exactly seen many movies in the theatre. But 2009 turned out to be different. In fact, I think I have not seen as many movies in past 5 years as I have seen in 2009 alone.

I managed about a dozen (13 to be precise) movies in 2009

4 each in Dec and Nov,  1 each in June and Sept (all these in Mumbai, India) and 3 in Dubai – 1 each in Jan / Feb / Oct

Ghajini and Delhi 6 in Dubai with colleague Aseem

A movie with Bro in June … and I have forgotten which one was it …

Went to see Final Destination but instead saw animated 'UP' in 3D  in Sept ...

Caught "Final Destination 4" in 3D in Dubai in October

Nov ... Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani & 2012 (in Hindi J with Bro) at "24 Karat" Multiplex and Twilight at "Fun Republic" … I also went to catch another good movie "The Christmas Carol" in 3D but the movie was gone from the theatre and I was left with a choice of Ninja Assassin and De Dhana Dhan, I chose Ninja Assassin since it was from the makers of Matrix and repented that decision. I wrote about it in an earlier blogpost.

Dec ... Rocket Singh & New Moon at Hub Goregaon, 3 Idiots at Pinky Theatre (now called talkie Town) with Bro and also, caught "Avatar in 3D" at Hub with my best friend … what an end to the year  

The year 2010 has begun and I have a few movies to catch before i go to South Africa


I started the year with Avatar (with Brother this time) and also caught up with the low budget movie 'Raat gayee baat gayee' ... Also snatched up a chance to watch the Sherlock Holmes movie and a Marathi movie "Harishchandrachi Factory" with my best friend … Thats 4 movies in January. Not bad at all :P


 I would try and catch a few more before I fly off to South Africa ...

Let's see whether 2010 crosses the Dozen mark again and hope to watch more movies with some good company rather than alone like 2009


On a separate but related note …

All these visits to the theatres also made me realize that Movie viewing in theatres had become a pretty expensive affair in Mumbai. A single ticket costing about 70-100 bucks for morning show to about 300-400 bucks for the late night show; not to mention the sky rocketing prices of pop-corn, cold drinks and other snacks within the theatre premises. As a rule, I do not eat or drink anything inside the theatre. I just do it outside the theatre, before/after the movie.

I was just wondering that an average family of 4 might spend up to 1000-1500 bucks for movie tickets over the weekend evening and add another 1000-1500 for a dinner.

The Weeekend Movie and Dinner experience is going out of reach of the average middle class Mumbaikar … and the Movie Industry cries foul over Piracy !! What do you guys expect ??

The problem was highlighted max when "3 Idiots" was released. Most theatre owners (multiplexes in specific) hiked up the prices for this particular movie by an average of 20-40%. The movie was a runaway hit and people went to see the movie en mass with their entire families ... grand parents and kids alike. The dent on their purse was significant and it pinched (although when it comes to family, people are ready to splurge once in a while). Of course, the Dinner at a nice Restaurant before/after the movie was skipped and the ladies of the house had to spend time cooking before/after the movie.


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