Thursday, August 21, 2008

'Open' Hearts to People who are 'Close'

I read the following quote on the gtalk status message of a friend ...

"Who said that open and close are with opposite meanings? You will always be open to the person...who is close to you!"

I so very much agree with this ....

BUT ... then my recent experience has raised a tough question .... How Much ????

How much open can one be to closed ones ? How much open should one be to closed ones ?
i have never thought about this ever ... till recently. I was always an open book for my close ones. My best friends knew what was on my mind and what wa happening in my life. By sharing my life details with them, i got to understand myself better. I got to understand the situation better from a third person point of view. I got to understand my own mistakes which i would have not realised myself.

And then ... recently ... i lost a friend to this openness ... and am on the verge fo losing another ... in the end it amounted to me sharing too much about my life with them ... "sharing" which was the very foundation of our friendship (in my opinion) became the problem.

I no longer understand the Open and CLose quote ... bcos in my case ... The very fact that i was open ... is making my close ones move away ...

The openness bringing a close to a very beautiful friendship ... and another beautiful friendship ....

Life is strange !!

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  1. How much to open to the closed close ones?

    I hope that delivers the message.

    Keep Smiling!!