Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gmail jumps over 3 GB !!

I know , I know ..
with Yahoo offering unlimited storage space, Google jumping above 3 Gb is no big deal ...


For die-hard Gmail fans like me who were very close to 100% GMail inbox space utilization and who hate yahoo mail for its cluttered interface, distracting colour flashy ads and ineffective spam filters .... this is Good News ...

I was offline from Gmail for quite some time and lot of mails and forwards and newsletters accumulated in my mailbox … taking the used storage to almost 99% …. A full day spent in deleting mails took it back to 90% … since then I have been regularly filtering, deleting mails and maintaining the utilization at 90%

Suddenly I noticed the counter say … You are currently using 2640 MB (73%) of your 3608 MB …. the fall in % utilization made my heart leap .. with fears of a malicious virus deleting my g-mails …. A further look at the whole line indicated that the 73% was of 3608 MB and not of some 2980 MB I had been seeing since quite some time ….

It comes as a pleasant surprise for me and other diehard users that Gmail has finally crossed the 3 GB mark in its 3rd year … I guess either Google will keep it that way … increase a GB per year … or might simply go ahead and speed up their storage space clock to give more in coming years …

Well .. it could very well go ahead and give Unlimited storage space ..

Or Better still … I would prefer it giving a 1 TB storage space ….

I know 1 TB is smaller than a unlimited storage space .. but it sounds better

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  1. Well, I checked mine today and it read.....
    You are currently using 213 MB (3%) of your 5348 MB