Sunday, November 19, 2006

FREE HUGS in Geneva too !!

Ever heard about the FREE HUGS campaign ...

have a look here ...
(Tried to put the video here itself but did not work)

Today we had a similar Free Hugs meet in Geneva ...
30 Enthusiastic Volunteers of Community gathered to HUG the World
For two hours ... the HUGGERS spread warmth around them ...

One Unique thing about this meet was the Global Representation we had.
geneva, being a city of UN Organisations, we find people from practically all parts of the world here. The 30 Huggers practically represented people from all over the world

Of course, I am not uploading any video of the same for the simple reason ... I did not shoot one ... After all, I was one of the HUGGERS .... :)

Will post the Geneva Free Hugs Video as soon as i can get a copy :))

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