Monday, August 30, 2004

MastishK : The Mind : The Brain !

hi friendz...

The wait is over ... i promised to write about MastishK ... so here it is ....

Well, MastishK is the name we have given to the Online Event we have started this year from NITIE (my B School .. hope u remember ... I m doing my MBA) ... This idea originated from Nikhil (my baychmate ... i have written abt him in the earlier post) and then we have been working together on it ....

A few days ago ... on 23rd August, we launched the homepage of the site in the wee hours of the morning when the sunrays were not yet visible but the bird had started their morning chirping.

It was like a dream come true. Although the website will be relaeases in phases like software versions... but the uploading of the home page on the intrernet server and the access of the page to the outside world marked the first major step for the realisation of our dream.

You can check out the
MastishK Website

do send your feedback to

I recommend you also visit the
MastishK Team Blog.

There you can read my posts to know My side of story. Reading the whole blog in chronological order (right from the first ) will reveal a saga which began with an idea and metamorphised into a grand online event beyong our initial imagination.

I need not write much about MastishK out here in my Personal blog. Instead here i will continue to write about my personal life, its learnings, how others affect me and how i affect others. What changes MastishK has bought in my life ... what ripples it has created in my relationships ... etc etc ...

so i guess i will end this post here .... hope you enZoy the MastishK blog as well the Website .... I invite you to see the website and participate in the games n all .. I can promise you fun , entertainment adn learnings in the website !!

MastishK website AND MastishK Team Blog

Feedback :

keep smiling and have fun .... shoOOonya ...

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