Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book review: The Benefits of Failing Successfully by Jagdish Chaturvedi

The book is titled ”The Benefits of Failing Successfully: 10 Hidden Benefits of Making Mistakes And Failing” and it does live up to its title in some ways.

The 10 hidden benefits are introduced with the help of Dr. Jagdish’s personal life incidents and his learning from them.
At the core, it is a simple straightforward book on how to deal with Failures.
Dr. Jagdish narrates real incidents of failure from his personal life and what he learnt from them as well as how the seemingly failed attempt at doing something proved to be beneficial.
The author has pointed out that failure teaches valuable lessons that you wont learn if you were successful in your first attempt at doing something.
The benefit of having the real life incidents from Authors' life is that most readers will connect easily as something they themselves might have experienced.
At the core, the book attempts to align the attitude of the reader towards what most people refer to as 'Failure'
The book is short and has many pages with illustrations by Pranay Arun Kumar. They help keep the nature of the book light. Plain text talking about failures can be depressing. The sketches which appear every few pages, enhance the message and make the whole reading experience rather enjoyable.
The book will be a good read for school and college going students and people early in their career. Might not be a very good read for the seasoned professional but a gentle reminder never hurt.
The cover design might seem childish but with the target audience of students … its more likely to hit the mark.

Rating: 3/5

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