Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Special Days

On (and before) Father's Day, I saw a spike in Father's Day messaging on social media – FB & Twitter. I am sure there would be a similar spike on all other platforms too.


It's the way of our times. Celebrating special days like valentine day, father's day, mother's day, birthdays and anniversaries, etc on social media. Wishing the said people via the social platform – irrespective of whether they are on the platform on not.


What I feel is that it is boiling down to people expressing what they feel on the social media platform. And sadly, it is coming down to doing it bcos everyone else is doing it. It would be dumb, not to say something nice about your father on the social media platforms on father's day for example. What is missing is saying the same thing to your father in person.


What you end up doing is telling the whole world what you would like to tell your father, rather than saying that to your father. If your father is lucky to be on the same platform, he gets to hear your thoughts in the same way as other people do. The message is not even directed to him at times. It is an open loudspeaker proclamation to the world rather than a personal one to one message to your father.


It's a trend spanning all spanning days and almost all relationships. Funny to see husband and wife wishing each other 'happy anniversary' over social media. For God's sake people, you live together and you should be saying it face to face to each other with a kiss and hug and lot more. No need to 'shout' it out over social media.


So with all that going on in my head over the past few days (read: past few years); it kind of came out as a series of tweets I posted on the wonderful occasion of Father's Day. 


Producing the tweets verbatim here …


--------- -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  


Saying "anyone can be a father, it takes a special person to be a dad" is stupid.  Can't extend the logic of house/home to father/dad (1/n)


What next? "Anyone can be a mother, it takes a special person to be mom?" Then what's the point of calling it father's / mother's day? (2/n)


Make your father feel special today. Spend time with him. Create memories with him. NOT on social media. In real life. Smile with him. (3/n)


You don't need to tell the world about how special your father is. You definitely should tell him - In person or on a phone call. (4/n)


Tell him,  not bcos he doesn't know,  but to let him know that You know he is special and deeply appreciate it. (5/n)


And remember,  Father's /Mother's day is not for them. It is for You.  To remind you that they are special and great and important. (n/n)



Yes. Its true. The special days are not really for the other person. They are a reminder to YOU that they are important to you and You need to express your gratitude to them / wish them happiness on the special day.


So go ahead and celebrate the special days with your loved ones. Make that day special in real life – for them, for you. Gather some special memorable memories on the day.


... The social media messages and pics can come the day after.


Happy Special Days !!

Happy Happiness Days !!

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