Sunday, January 31, 2016

We are the architects of our Gold Mornings

Long ago, I had written a blog post titled – Google before Gargle – and another one which talked about the new basic necessities of life being Bread, Butter and Broadband. Well, the morning did begin with a quick look at gmail. Nowadays, it is whatsapp instead. The morning invariably begins with most people reaching out for their mobile phone to check whatsapp messages, even before opening their eyes.

Unfortunately, such beginnings to mornings dependent on gadgets and devices are plain sad. That’s one reason I shut off the wifi and mobile data from my phone when I sleep at night and do not switch them on till I am fully awake and I have made my mornings golden already.

The morning should be good. It should be great. It should be refreshingly golden great … simply because the whole day depends on it. A great morning often results in a fantastic day while a bad start of the day would result in a stressful day which will be a pain to go through.

One thing we should remember is that most often, it is in our hands to make our mornings better rather than worse. We are the architects of our own day.

For me, a good golden morning is about being fresh and feeling happy. A quick cold face wash followed by a refreshing brushing of the teeth (preferably with the new Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush) followed by piping hot chai is a good way to begin BUT even before that I bring happiness in my morning by just looking at my sleeping 2 year old daughter in all her innocence. Such is the serene beauty and contentment on her face that I just stare at her filling my heart with hope and happiness – a golden start to my morning.

What else could I hope for from a morning #Colgate360GoldMornings

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