Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Long Time No See .. set to change

Well, its not that I haven't posted for months but at the same time, I haven't posted as much as I want to. 


This was a personal blog. I used to write my thoughts and feelings. 


A couple of years ago, I started  recording what I was reading. From a simple list, it expanded to writing a paragraph for each story/book I read and then came the book reviews.


Then I got busy with office work and travel and the personal posts were the first to take the hit followed by my regular posts on reading log.


At some point in time, I was only posting book reviews and then it began to hit that too. I was able to read due to all the travel I was doing but the moment I would sit in front of the laptop to write the review, work would pop up and take priority.


Over the past 8 months, I have (sadly) slipped badly on my book review postings. I currently have a back-log of over 20 book reviews :( 


Yes ... there are books that I read last June-July, who review has not yet reached my blog. I made a commitment and I am going to keep it. Better late than never. 


So I am going to give the book review writing an adrenaline shot and hope that I am able to clear the back-log in the next few months. 


And hope I am able to post non-book-review / personal posts also on the blog and the 'Monthly Reading' will also make a come-back on the blog. 


I have just embraced a big change in my life and I will further create a cascade of positive changes to my life ...   


All izz Well ... All has to be Well ... All will be made Well ...     


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