Monday, December 01, 2014

An almost Missed Life

It is absolutely rare that I make a back-to-back blog post but the time and situation kind of demanded it.


I just made a post few minutes ago related to yet another interesting activity by and told my wife about it. She read it and told me something that I had never known before. Something related to the stubble and the unshaven look.


I still can't stop laughing but still managing to write this … So here goes the story.


As mentioned in the earlier post, I shave alternate days and you can imagine that the end of Day 2 is the worst. It was on such a fateful 'day2' that I got a call from Dad asking me to come to a CCD (café coffee day) … straight from office.
The reason was simple. An integral part of the arranged marriage process is the 'boy meet girl' and my father being slightly modern, preferred the informal setting of a café/restaurant where the 'boy-n-girl' could take another table and talk. So here I was, with a day2 stubble and a call from my dad to reach the place within the next 45 minutes.


I met the girl and talked and decided to meet again and then again and finally decided to say Yes. And we have been happily married since then and have a cute little daughter.


Well, so that's what happened several years ago. What happened just a few minutes back was … after my wife read the blog post I made for the Gillette activity, she told me something about that 'first meeting' day.


She told me that when she saw me approaching the table at CCD that day for the first time … and looked at me (with the day2 stubble) … her very first thoughts were ….


"Oh My GOD !! I have come to meet HIM? He, who would come so casually (read – unshaven) for an important life-changing meeting as this … will he be serious (or sensible) in life"


Yes … those were literally the exact words that rang in her head. She has kind-of 'rejected' for I had miserably failed in the 'first impressions' test. It was my way of speaking and making her comfortable while talking to her at the 'separate table' and the overall gentle personality … which ultimately managed to chang her opinion and she later said YES. But had it not been for my charm, we wouldn't be together now ...  


WOW. The stubble might have actually cost me not just an Europe trip but also my life-partner !! Scary !!  Isn't it …


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  1. Wow, if that really happened. That is how we learn our lessons, right?

    Also, I tagged you in my post : :D

  2. @Sushmita

    Yeah ... this really did happen. Even I never knew. My wifey told me about it only after reading my previous post of missed chance.

    Let me see the Tag. Shwetabh has also tagged me and I am yet to honor it. Time ... need some more ...