Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goa Zest Ride - Tata Motors and BlogAdda’s Event

A message from Harish (from BlogAdda) asked me to block my dates for 26-27 and i immedietely said yes (I have a long standing relationship with BlogAdda). But I kept wondering what kind of event they are planning.
Finally the email with details arrived. 2 days in Goa to experience the new car - Zest - by Tata Motors. I looked forward to this with nervousness (i havent really driven a car in 20 years) ... but excited at the same time.  
Jet airways check-in counter executive told me our seats were pre-booked so all of us bloggers were sitting together. A little bit of chat. A lit bit of fun (my neighbor had trouble with her seat belt) andfinally the journey ended with a THUD.

Yeah, a loud thunderous THUD – That's how our flight landed in Goa. Probably, someone asked the pilot to 'drop' the passengers in Goa and he took that literally. After picking our luggage (my bag decided to not engage in rate race on the belt and came in at the fag end when most of the passengers had already left the left (and the airport too).

Outside, the gentlemen at the specially erected Tata Motors Zest counter took our name and marked us as 'Present' and we all were directed to our Bus (actually mini-Bus … it almost felt like full-sized half-bus). The Bus journey was uneventful with bloggers interacting with their neighbours and looking outside their windows. With no neighbor, I was left looking outside the window when it struck me to start off recording the journey and that's when I started writing this. But now, let me get back to enjoy the sights of goa greenery. And, I mean the green variety.

Check-in at the specially erected Tata Zest counter with a bag with T and a metal badge with name given. Lunch and a bit of rest to get ready for the blogger networking at 5 …

Funny that they mentioned there was complimentary wifi for only 1 device in the room. With 2 people sharing a room, between them it is not unthinkable to have at least 4 devices needing wifi – 2 phones + a tablet + a laptop …

At 7 we were back again at the venue (Unicorn) where the main event began with Miss Malini as out host and several speakers from Tata Motors Zest design team who gave us an introduction to the Zest, the thought and effort behind creating a world class car and some of it amazing first-in-class features.

The general feeling indeed was that Tata Motors have taken a giant leap in terms of car design and manufacturing. They have moved from building 'strong and sturdy' cars to a place where they have added design and class to it too.

The star attraction and special chief guest of the event was our very own Indian F1 racer Narain Karthikeyan. It was a delight to have him here. He spoke for a few minutes about Zest and then there were photo ops and visiting the various 'stalls' Tata Motors had put up for explaining the intricacies of design features of Zest.

This was followed by networking dinner and time passed as we interacted with fellow bloggers and before we knew it was already 11. Someone reminded that we had to wake up at 6 in the morning so the crowd began to disperse.

Good Night and sweet dreams.
more about Day 2 ... later ...

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