Thursday, March 06, 2014

Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C

Book: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

Author: Tabrik C

No. of Pages: 323

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Hachette India


Its been some time since I got a book from the BlogAdda Book Review Program and when this one came up, I tool it up solely based on the title and book cover. An interesting title and a pretty deep-meaning cover of the book were the draw for me. I had ‘mistakenly’ assumed that this book might be the story of a guy who was a prisoner once and then later became a Jailor and went on to become the Prime minister of the country. The story line would have to be pretty interesting for that to happen. Hope you noticed the word ‘mistakenly’ – because the story is NOT about the prisoner-turned-jailor-turned-PM.

Instead, what I got was a very powerful and intense narration of the life a whiz-kid who suffers from a mental condition. No, he is not mad or retarded. He is just a genius with an unstable mind. Only when you read the whole book do you begin to appreciate the real meaning behind the ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Jailor’ part of the title. You even wonder if his life events are by chance or by careful meticulous design !!

This definitely does not look like Tabrik’s first novel. His writing is very deep, insightful and multi-perspective. He has done his home-work thoroughly while writing the book researching deep about the subjects he was covering in the book … down to the last details. He has brought out the intensity of the characters as well as the situation.

The book has so many facets that you might as well read it 2-3 times to appreciate everything in there. The book has some intense characters who are not easy to fathom – character development is definitely an area Tabrik has spent time and effort on … and he has done an excellent job.

The book has some intense and very complicated relationships which are matured in ways one can hardly imagine. The author shocks the readers with the revelations and twists in the story.

Tabrik captivates the reader and does not let go till the very end. The book has all the masala of a typical Bollywood blockbuster … only it has a much better and excellent storyline.    

The story oscillates between the present and the past and while the protagonist struggles with his present role of Prime Minister … he keeps taking us back into his past to give us a glimpse of the complexity of his character and life events. There is quite a bit of suspense too ...

I will look forward to another book by the author. He has me hooked to his writing. I give tabrik a new perfect rating. It was refreshing to read this book.

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Ratings on Book Review Parameters:

Cover Design: 4.0 / 5

Writing Style: 4.5 / 5

Characters:     4.5 / 5

Story / Plot:     4.5 / 5

Climax:            4.5 / 5

Overall:           4.5 / 5   

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