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Product Review – mint-o ultramintz

Well … this is one review which took a lot of time to get from my laptop to my blog. This month, work kept me busy and an important person from whom I needed inputs was my Dad. He also took his own time to give me his 'review' …
Finally, I put everything together and now the review is up. Reviewing books has become a regular affair but this is different. Reviewing a product and that too, an 'edible and consumable' product
Mints – we all have grown consuming mints in various forms and varieties. Weather it was the minty taste or the cooling effect on the tip of the tongue – whether it were small round or rectangular pellets or the very famous mint-with-a-hole – mints have been a part of our growing up. So when BlogAdda offered the product review for a new 'mint' … I decided to give it a shot. It was a dual opportunity – product review and try out a new mint …
So that's how I came about to review Ultramintz – a product by ITC under their existing brand mint-o … something we all are already familiar with – something which is tried and tested.

Packaging – Before I talk about the product packaging, let me talk a bit about the packaging of the review pack. When the courier came in, the parcel was 'huge' as compared to expected product or a book – both of which could be expected from BlogAdda.
Opening the outer cover, there was neatly plastic wrapped ribbon clad dual box combo in my hand (I wish I had taken the photographs of the original pack and its gradual unwrapping). The individual boxes were almost like jewellery boxes and on opening them, besides the advert card introducing the product and all – the product container was neatly nestled in sily-velvety cloth spread inside the box. It was a truly royal and 'rich' packaging of a product sent for review. It was sure the impress the receiver and it did not fail. It gave the reviewer a sense of importance and royal treatment.
The product packaging itself is a neat little stylish black tin case (see pic) which is small enough to fit in the pocket but the design has a slight bulge which may not exactly be 'pocket-friendly'.
The bulge adds extra thickness to the container which is not really required. The container could easily have been made a bit sleek and flat and thinner. A thinner / sleek container would easily rest in the pocket or a purse or a bag without really occupying space. The container has about 60 pellets of the mint …
The container has a cover of sorts inside to keep the pellets inside and only let out one at a time throuh a small hole in this cover. So ironically ... the hole and the mint are still together - the hole having moved from the mint to the container.
The product – There are 60 'extra strong' pellets; made from peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and is powered by speciality cooling compounds. The soft while pearl like pellets of the mint are amazingly minty and super cool. Really. Place it on your mouth and it sends a chill down the tongue and it does have a 'lasting' taste and freshness in the mouth (the 'lasting' extends to almost 20-30 minutes I guess). The pellets melt very smoothly in the mouth and it gradually disappears in less than 5 minutes.  
Sugar Free – The packaging clearly claims that the peppermint is 'Sugar Free' which made it an ideal thing for my Dad. I gave it to him and asked him to try out and now one of the two containers is with him while the rest of the family manages with one container J He liked it. He loved it. The reason this is significant is that there are very few products that he truly appreciates and if ultramintz have managed to be appreciated by him … THAT itself is definitely an achievement for them.
Surprisingly and SHOCKINGLY … this product is Not recommended for children !?!?!?!
Do if you did not know that … make note of it and keep it away from them. This is indeed a dampener since the kids would have fallen in love with the icy-minty-cool pellets and would have finished off a container in less than 24 hours. And a product so exciting and attractive for them is NOT recommended for them. AND I am always vary of products that are not good for children … If they are not good for children; how come they are OK for grown-ups???
The Price – With 60 pellets in the container the price of 50 bucks seems on a higher side considering that there are other options in the forms of various mint products. Price is definitely another dampener. It's just too high for a product like this.
Will I buy it again … Yes but Not frequently. The product is good – I loved the icy-minty-cool freshness I got from the pellets BUT the price is something which is important to me and 50 for 60 tiny pellets seems high to me. I would happily pay 20 bucks and become a 'frequent' user … consuming as much as the whole tin in a week … but with the price tag of 50 … I might buy may be 2 in a 2-3 months. ITC should consider this math and see where they would like to keep the product positioned.
One can always position a product as a premium product – sell less in quantity but earn a greater margin … or it can sell a mass product with low cost, low margin but earn by selling lakhs and crores of units across all the sections of the society. But I digress …
So here's the verdict – Nice product. Nice packaging. High Price.   
I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda
And while I am at it, I think the product review will not be complete without writing something about the FaceBook page of ultrmintz. You MUST visit this page and scroll down and go on doing it till you reach the end of it. They have an amazing visual campaign going on at the FB page. The page is indeed doing a great job at creating a unique brand identity for the product and might be able to circumvent the price aspect to some extent. Here are a few samples …

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