Monday, March 04, 2013

Success at latest attempt of GM Diet

I feel good to report that I successfully completed my attempt at GM Diet :)

Seven days of a restricted diet … it's not easy !!  

I did give myself the 'discounting' of my morning and afternoon/evening tea and an occasional tasting of sweet ;)

My weight moved from 92 to 89 … a difference of only 3 Kg against the expected drop of about 5 Kg … but its fine. If I can reduce 2 kg every time I try it out and if I can make the GM diet happen at least 5 times in next one year … I would have reached my target of 80 and that would be a great achievement.

It is easy to lose a few kilos with the GM diet … the trouble is maintaining one self and not regaining the lost kilos. Let's hope, that  I continue to lose and don't gain much … the weight that is.

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