Monday, December 10, 2012

End of the World: Courtesy Mayan Calendar


We have seen the movie (Hollywood Disaster Movie '2012') and even heard/read about the mythical Mayan Calendar which ends on 21st December 2012 (21-12-2012) … and its interpretation being … the world comes to end on this day (and hence no calendar beyond that date)

I read a couple of fiction novels related to the Mayan prophecy … made for some interesting read.

So … what if the world really came to end on 21st Dec. With about 10 days to go for the 'Doomsday' … what would you do if they told you this was for real and you really have just about 10 days of breathing time.

So here's my top-of-the-mind things to do …….

1. Spend a day with maternal grand-parents, some close relatives etc

2. Spend a day or two calling up, emailing, texting, meeting close friends and dear friends. Tell them how I feel about them and their importance in my life. 

3. Check with Travel Agencies about Foreign Holidays I can schedule … if possible, book them and take off with entire family (parents, siblings, wife)

4. If not foreign trips; all in the family get their choice of domestic trips

5. Book ourselves into the best of hotels / the Taj and the likes

6. Go Sky-Diving and indulge in some crazy adventure and high adrenaline sports for a day

7. Regret about having a cabinet full of unread Books … wish I had more time to read

8. Regret about spending too much time on my laptop and lesser time with wife and bro and parents and friends

9.  Pray that the end of the world of the world is delayed / postponed / cancelled due to a technical glitch in God's computing …
Will I change any of the above if the world does NOT end on 21st ... well I would want to ...
BUT then we humans are peculiar lot ... regret when time is up and forget when given an extension ...

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