Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unemployed Weekend

I always wanted a break between two jobs but somehow it did not happen 2 years ago. It did not happen even now.
So I am left with only a measly duration of 2 days … only one weekend of being unemployed !
Wish I had a longer break ... at least a week … which would have translated into 9 days. But then, I did take a weeklong vacation last month so its OK.
So if you are wondering about what I did to enjoy my unemployed weekend; well … Saturday was spent recovering from sleep deprivation of past 3 days where I got something like 4, 5, 6 hours of sleep only. So Saturday was spent in sleeping.
Well … that sets the pace of my unemployed weekend J

Addendum: I had some high hopes of enjoying Sunday but they were pretty much literally ‘washed away’ by the torrential rains that raged across the day. The plan to go out with the entire family and spend some fun time was reduced to a restaurant visit for dinner in the evening.  

I was supposed to get documents photocopied/printed in preparation for my new job as well as get myself shot (passport photo with blue background) but with the rains … I couldn’t even imagine going for the shot.

So thus was my eventful/uneventful unemployed weekend.

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