Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Fat Feluda in Small Print

Its been some time since I have read any Feluda story; the primary reason being the small size print in the big fat volume I have. I don't really mind the size of the volume (it is pretty thick at about 1000+ pages); it is the print size that is the problem.

I read during my travel times … car, bus, train, flight, airport waiting etc … and the small print size is too much of a strain on the eyes. Larger print sizes are bearable (although not great for eyes).

This singular factor has negatively impacted my reading score on Feluda … And I don't know how to improve it either. Reading while being stationary does not seem to be a possibility since there are so many other things to do and there isn't really any leisure time at hand. Only traval time to spare.

Wish the pages of the book gave the same feature as the tablets (iPad/galaxy tab etc) … pinch and increase the font size J

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