Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It takes an earthquake to remind us

Before and After satellite pictures of Japan...

Don't miss the slider at the centre of each photo on page which you can slide across the spot/place before (4th March) and after (12 March).

The devastation and extent of damage is clearly visible and one can only wonder how helpless humankind is against the fury of nature. We are slowly gradually and systematically destroying our environment and now … nature has begun to show visible violent reactions.

Think about the number of natural calamities that have struck various parts of the globe in the past decade and then compare that to the number of natural calamities in the last century. We have done a lot of damage in the past century and have already paid a very heavy price in one single decade of this century.

Typhoons, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Forest Fires, Extreme Weather , Floods, Famines, Snowfalls and avalanches … you name it and we have had record breaking ones in past decade.


Two quotes make a bit of sense here …

It takes an earthquake to remind us that we walk on the crust of an unfinished earth.

~ Charles Kuralt

Because … .. .

People tend to focus on the here and now. The problem is that, once global warming is something that most people can feel in the course of their daily lives, it will be too late to prevent much larger, potentially catastrophic changes."

~ Elizabeth Kolbert

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