Monday, December 15, 2008

Power of One ...

One Tree Can Start A Forest.
One Bird Can Herald Spring.
One Flower Can Make A Garden.
One Tune Can Compose A Song.

One Smile Begins A Friendship.
One Hand Clasp Lifts A Soul.
One Star Can Guide A Ship At Sea.
One Sunbeam Lights A Room.

One Candle Wipes Out Darkness.
One Laugh Can Conquer Gloom.
One Word Starts A Prayer.
One Hope Raises Our Spirits.

One Step Starts A Journey.
One Touch Can Show You Care.
One Vote Can Change A Nation.
One Life Can Make A Difference.

One Heart Can Know Whats True.
You See, Its All Up To You !!!
Got this in a an email forward and liked it .. so sharing it here ...

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