Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perils of Consulting in Festive Season !

When I got into Consulting ... friends said "Cool ! Now you will be travelling places !"
Well .. I did travel ... 14 months in Geneva, Switzerland - 6 months in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - now in Dubai, UAE ....
Ever since 2005 ... I have been away from Home ... during Diwali and also during my Birthday ...
Fate invariably ensures that i am away from home, from family, from friends on these two very important occasions ...
Diwali is a festival where the entire family gets to come together ... its the festival of lights, joy, togetherness, lots of home made sweets, meeting relatives and friends, wishing everybody prosperity and happiness .... and so much more .... AND ... I end up ebing away from home !
My Birthday is a day when i am supposed to be at the centre ... wish wishes, emails, ecards, phone calls, gifts, party all flowing towards me from friends and family ... AND ... I end up being away from home ...
It all started in 2005 when i went to Swiss just before Diwali ... in fact i did return after a week only to see Mumbai celebrating Diwali from 22,000 feet above sea level ... and then just before my Birthday I had top fly off to swiss again on a long term assignment.
In 2006, I was in swiss .. during Diwali and my B'day ... no chance of coming to India for that ... Although I enjoyed both out there ... Indian Association of geneva (IAG) made my Diwlai fantastic and a few good friends (Pankaj & family and Shruti and sister) made my birthday memorable !
in 2007, I was in Malaysia with my wife .. I cheated fate and flew down to Mumbai on Diwali day with my wife and surprised my entire family. From the airport before taking off, we even called up home adn talked to mom-dad cribbing about the fact that my job was keeping me away from family on festive occasions. :) Birthday was once again away from home, in Malaysia, BUT i was not alone. My wife was with me adn we had a good time celebrating my Birthday at a nice height with a fantastic view at KL Tower !!
In 2008 ... the worst years of all ... I had to fly down to Dubai on a project just before Diwali (infact .. literally on teh first day of Diwali) and i will be returning home after a month ... just after my Birthday !! Cruel are the designs of Fate when their mood is in a wierd sense of humour !!
So here I am .. cribbing about myself being away from home in festive season ...
What about next year ... i dunno !! I just hope I am with my family on both occasions !!
if it does not happen ... I might just make it happen !!
Happy Diwali !! Happy New Year !!
Wish you a very happy diwali and a prosperoud new year ahead ....

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