Wednesday, February 15, 2006

To do or Not to do ?? NOT TO DO ….

Valentine Day & Blood DonationInteresting Combinations …

The last time I donated blood ( October 27th 2004 ) was also the first time I donated blood. The experience was really a nice one. The satisfaction of doing something good was real and worth the effort.

You can read my
blogpost I posted after my first blood donation … it not only talked about my feeling but also about Blood Donation

I am currently at the Headquarters of WHO (Geneva, Switzerland) – The World Health Organization … for a long term project … It was in WHO that a Blood Donation Drive was organised today … on V Day J

With great hope, I joined the Queue of donors and stood there for over 90 minutes along with my friend to donate blood. We had to fill up some form, get our hemoglobin checked and also a consultation with a doctor before actual donation. When my turn arrived to meet the doctor, in the various questions, came the discovery of the fact that India is considered to be a Malaria prone country so I have to wait for atleast 6 months after an India visit before I become eligible for a blood donation. I asked her, what would happen if I visited my home (India) at any point in time … the doctor said the the time of 6 months will restart from the date of return … ALAS … I have been here in Geneva for less than 3 months now and so I was refused participation in the donation drive …

wish I cud donate …

I would personally encourage you all to Go Ahead and Just Do It … it’s a great deed and the satisfaction achieved is Real …


  1. Its really a shocking news to me that racism is still practiced garbed in such medical reasonings

  2. I don't see any racism here. Malaria is endemic to some parts of India. It's much more easier to screen at this level than to test blood that was donated on an individual level. It's a matter of safeguarding health and nobody needs to feel discriminated for that.
    and yeah, i'd sign into my blogger acct but cannot remember my password for the life of mine. hence i stay anonymous